R/C Car Track-Race and Concours

R/C Concours Results


1st Place
Gus Berry,  Long Horn Region
Orange GT3







1st Place
Sam Gerloff,  BC Interior Region
911 RSR   #8


1st Place
Kevin Webster, Golden Gate Region
Silver Cayenne Turbo

2nd Place & Peoples Choice
Gary Martinez,  Chesapeake
White GT-1

3rd Place
Randy Osgood, Rocky Mountain Region
Black GT3RS




R/C Race Results

Name                                  Region                          Car #                          Fastest Lap (sec)      Place

Class: Age 5-6
Jonah Nguyen                 Chesapeake                           6                                25.69                   1
Samuel DeLancey          Carolinas                                579                           28.08                   2

Class: Age 7
Wil Lodge                          Sequia                                      1057                         8.25                      1
Gus Berry                          Longhorn                                 542                           9.33                      2
Isaac Deter                       Sacramento valley               917                           14.21                   3

Class: Age 8
Lauren Linares                 San Diego                                156                           26.33                   1

Class: Age 9
Addison Mohr                 Monterey Bay                       1287                         8.11                      1
Jason Nguyen                  Chesapeake                           6                                8.41                      2
Christian Mali                   Golden Gate                          905                           8.65                      3
Catharine Mali                 Golden Gate                          905                           61.66                   M
Sophia Delancy               Carolinas                                  579                           40.22                   M

Class: Age 10
Miles Duncan                   San Diego                                97                             8.21                      1

Class: Age 11-12
Alex Gregor                      Atlanta                                                                       6.37                      1
Justin Smith                      Sacramento Valley              1176                         8.15                      2
Mei-Li Berry                     Longhorn                                 542                           10.01                   3
Morgan Mali                    Golden Gate                          905                           33.75                   M

Class: Age 13-14                                                                       
Sam Gerlof                       BC Interior                              577                           6.84                      1
Cole Miller                        San Diego                                988                           7.34                      2

Class: Age 15-17
Tyler Hoffman                 Spacecoast                             70                             6.63                      1
Tyler Moldovan              Arizona                                     1247                         6.68                      2
Tanner Rogers                 Spacecoast                             70                             7.28                      3
Sam Shevitz                      St Louis                                     447                           8.26                      M
Hunter Sease                   Sacramento Valley              261                           11.23                   M
Adam Ikemoto                San Diego                                908                           8.23                      M
Corbin Henkel                 Milwalkee                               1137                         10.84                   M

Class: over 18
Randy  Osgood                Rocky Mountain                   223                           7.28                      1
Chris Miller                       San Diego                                988                           7.71                      2
Kevin Webster                Golden Gate                          1042                         7.80                      3
Steve Hoffman               Spacecoast                             70                             9.31                      M
Vu Nguyen                       Chesapeake                           6                                7.96                      M
Jordan Clifford                Silver Sage                              395                           11.21                   M


R/C Car Concours

This year there will be two events to delight the “young” and “age-challenged” competitors at this must-do Parade activity:  R/C Concours on Monday, June 16 and R/C Track Race on Tuesday, June 17!

The R/C Concours will have a display in the Hyatt Conference Center, Level I Foyer/Club Pavilion on Monday afternoon with an “expert” judging panel and a People’s Choice Award at the Ice Cream Social.  Polish up your little buggy and let our “expert” judging panel critique your car!

For the R/C Track Race at the Hyatt Grounds – Regency Terrace & Patio we will be using transponders on each of the cars and will run race heats of 5 – 10 cars.  This will be more entertaining than individual runs for both entrants and spectators.

Each car eligible for awards must be a replica of a full-sized “real” Porsche. All years and models are eligible, including unique Porsche powered racecars, such as Lotus-Porsche, March GTP, Porsche Indy cars, etc. Very special Porsches, such as tractors, “Cars” movie replicas are also welcome. Due to varied participation in this event, classes may need to be changed at the time of the event to provide best competition, and fairness to all competitors. Porsche body styles only allowed.

Toy class is defined as a pre-assembled model that is not designed for rebuild or significant upgrade by part replacement and not smaller than 1:12. If there are enough entries, this