HPDE at Nearby Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca!

Almost everyone has asked the same question: Will there be a HPDE at Laguna Seca?

The answer is YES! It will be hosted by the Golden Gate Region of PCA. For more info on GGR, see http://www.pca-ggr.org

June 21 and 22

PCA Golden Gate Region is very excited to be hosting a High Performance Driving Event (DE) at the world famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca following 2014 Parade in Monterey, CA, on Saturday, June 21st and Sunday, June 22nd. We out here in the Golden State could think of no better way to welcome our fellow PCAers from around the country than to invite you all to come drive this beautiful race track nestled in the hills outside of Monterey.  

GGR has been holding DEs here for years and are sure that all guests will enjoy driving this beautiful 2.2 mile jewel of a road course, featuring the famous "Corkscrew", on California's beautiful central coast. This event will feature two days of driving with five run groups - from beginner to advanced - to accommodate all levels of Porsche enthusiasts, topped off by Time Trials on the last day. We'll have our full cadre of PCA nationally certified instructors on hand to provide unparalleled instruction to those new to the track or to track driving in general. For those not quite ready to push their cars to the limit, we'll also have Parade Laps where you can cruise the track at a slightly more gentle pace, and still brag to everyone back home that you drove Laguna Seca. 

Maximum of 175 drivers per day.

5 run-groups from Novice/Beginner to Experienced/Instructor. Groups will be formed based on information supplied by entrants at registration. It is recommended that everyone have some track experience.

There will NOT be a time trial.

- Pricing will be: 
    One Day (Sat or Sun)  $395
    Two Day (Sat & Sun)   $495
    Students + $50
    Instructors (Sat & Sun)  $250

- To help experienced track drivers get accustomed to the line at Laguna Seca, we'll be designating a number of our experienced drivers as leaders for lead/follow groups in the opening track sessions. 
- We will have parade laps at lunchtime for those who want to enjoy the track at a more leisurely pace. 

- All drivers are encouraged to have their cars tech'd within 30 days of the event using the Tech Form on our website http://pca-ggr.org/files/pdf/PCA-GGR%20Tech%20Form%20v2.pdf

There is a 92db sound limit for this event.  Generally not a problem for stock Porsches. And even for cars like my modified GT3, there are ways to drive to help ensure you'll pass sound. We throw in those Laguna driving tips for free.  :-)

Here's a link to a few really smooth laps driven by our CDI, Craig Lisowski, so folks can start seeing the line. http://youtu.be/HSWISOxxSE8

So come on out and enjoy some warm California PCA hospitality at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Registration willopen May 12 at pca-ggr.motorsportreg.com

Please note: Mazda Raceway has very strong noise regulations.  In 2014, Laguna Seca reduced the sound level to 92db, which causes difficulties for several Porsche models (turbo, gt3, some caymans). Many of our members purchase some form of sound diverter (commonly know as Laguna pipes) to deflect their exhaust away from the sound booth. 3 sound violations (black flag) and the car can no longer run at the track.

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