2014 National Awards

Throughout Parade week many of our National Awards will be given out, including those for:


There are two Membership awards: Factored and Real growth. Real growth goes to that PCA Region that has recruited the most new members, regardless of Region size. Factored growth goes to that PCA region who attracts the most new members relative to their Region size.

2014 National Membership Award
In Honor of Outstanding Membership Growth and Retention
Greatest Actual Growth

Presented to: Peachstate Region

2014 National Membership Award
In Honor of Outstanding Membership Growth and Retention
Greatest Factored Growth

Presented to: White River Region


These awards go to the best websites in each class of Region size (I-V), with the Overall trophy going to the best website in all of PCA.

For the 2014 Website Awards, click HERE!


These awards go to the best newsletters in each class of Region size (I-V), with the overall Betty Jo Turner award going to the best newsletter in all of PCA.

Click here for the full results of the Newsletter awards as a PDF

2013 Enthusiast of the Year: Jack Merrell of the Longhorn Region

The Glen Lazar-Harry Blanchard Trophy presented to the individual who personifies the PCA spirit with his or her involvement and partipation in a wide-ranging variety of activities available in PCA membership.

Our 2014 winner has made an impact in several regions over the past 25 years, but especially during the seven years spent with his current Region. The leadership provided by our members to this fine organization is its lifeblood; the impact provided by these dedicated souls are an inspiration to all.

Our winner revitalized all aspects of his Region; revitalizing a long-abandoned autocross program, hosting an AX school, establishing a DE program, spearheading charity initiatives, revitalizing the Region’s newsletter, doubling the Regions’ membership level during his tenure, and hosting new members in his home. Many Parade participants recognize his face as a constant and reliable volunteer. Our winners Regional Vice President penned a wonderful tribute to this year’s winner; I simply cannot improve upon these words:

[His] enthusiastic support of PCA is unmatched. His passion, vision, and incredible level of “service before self” have transformed our Region into a growing, dynamic, fun, and welcoming organization that serves the needs and interest of our membership. His revitalization of our motorsports program, social events, newsletter, and charitable efforts are unparalleled in our region’s history. [His] enthusiasm has been contagious, greatly increasing participation from both new and previously dormant members. For him, this is all a labor of love. He says his theme is simple - “it’s not the cars, it’s the people, and we have great people.”


Family of the Year: The Hoffman Family -- Steve, Robin, Tyler, and Tori

Any active member of the Porsche Club of America and his or her family members are eligible for this award. For purposes of this award, a family is defined as parents with children living at home, parents with no children living at home or a couple without children.

For our Family of the Year, the “family” joined the life-long love of Porsches held by their patriarch during their first Parade in Savannah. The reluctant pre-teens were a bit skeptical about the “entertainment value” of an event filled with car-doting adults. But, they quickly found fun, a knack for RC cars, and a new set of friends, which by the way, they have staid connected though subsequent Parades. The conclusion of last year’s Parade in Traverse City marked the continuation of a 10,000-mile, intercontinental road trip that lapped North America in their reliable Cayenne.

Let’s talk about them: 

First, the father: He rose through the ranks of his local region to serve in its top leadership positions while actively enjoying his passion for air-cooled Porsches. The family’s estate has several “prizes” hidden in its garages – including a 1973 911 S Targa that is undergoing a meticulous, frame-up restoration. His eye for detail caused him to provide the correct orange-accented hood badge for an elderly member’s Bahama Gelv 911. (Did you know that? An orange-trimmed Porsche crest?)

The matriarch has served the region as a reliable volunteer and registrar, and currently Editor of its award winner newsletter, and has been part of the Parade Kids Program for a number of years.

Their two kids, who are not-quite old enough to drive, have demonstrated many times their deadly skill at RC car competition.

This family stays “uber-busy” at Parade, participating in almost every event while accepting the awesome responsibility of administering the Parade Kids Program for the last two years. In fact, the family’s daughter was the designer of last year’s Parade Kids shirt.

Behind every great organization are cadres of individuals that step up, volunteer and make the organization work without fanfare or a desire for recognition. They are dedicated and focused on the task at hand, rather than glory. When the whole family becomes involved, magic happens.
Our winning family has served both its region and PCA with thoughtful, friendly and tireless enthusiasm for both the club and the marque. They are truly worthy of the recognition and accolades afforded to a Family of the Year.


Region of the Year

The Ferry Porsche Trophy is awarded to PCA’s Region of the Year and is the only award in PCA sponsored by the Porsche family. Over the 53 times this very special award has been presented, winners have come from regions of all sizes and from everywhere in North America. The assessment of this year’s crop of candidates produced results that were very, vey close. However, our three top contenders for Region of the Year already have their names engraved on the Ferry Porsche Trophy.

Ferry Porsche Award
2013 Region of the Year

Santa Barbara Region

Now for our Region of the Year recipient: The candidates for the Ferry Porsche Trophy have to meet a list of specific requirements; let’s review how this year’s winner fared:

LEVEL OF ACTIVITY – this Region hosted 67 events in 2013 including 35 autocrosses, drives, rallies, concours and tours; two multi-day weekend tours; six Board Meetings; and 24 membership breakfast meetings.

MEMBERSHIP – this Region attracted 101 new members and 39 transfers during 2013 and grew to a record 706 primary members. Obviously, this is no small region. In fact, an estimated 1,100 primary and affiliate members renewed their membership last year. This Region must be doing something right!

COMMUNITY ACTIVITY – the Region hosted its second Tire Rack Street Survival School for teens in 2013, with 32 students in attendance. Its primary charity was the Gold Coast Veteran’s Foundation, which provides educational assistance, help in finding jobs, and addresses both the physical and emotional disabilities of area veterans. Three of the Region’s charity functions garnered $6,000 for the Foundation. The Region also ran a robust toy drive during the Holidays.

MULTI-REGION PARTICIPATION – 60% of the attendance at Regional Autocrosses, 40% of the TSD Rally participants, and 35% of the Concours entries are from nearby Regions. The Region reciprocates by sending regularly an estimated 50 of its members to other Region’s events.

NEWSLETTER & WEBSITE EFFECTIVENESS – our winner’s 36-page monthly newsletter finished Third in Class IV at last year’s Parade in Traverse City and includes original content on past and upcoming events, technical articles, classified ads and Zone-wide announcements. Its website provides the most-current information on upcoming events and links PCA.org, the Zone website and to event registration.


Ferry Porsche Award
2013 Region of the Year
First Runner Up

Upper Canada Region

This year’s First Runner Up region is large; in fact it is PCA’s third largest region. It has maintained its size advantage by capturing the Actual Membership Growth Awardat least four times in the past six years. Big regions do big things. This Region hosted 15 driver education days in a climate that does not permit year-round track experiences. Coupled with a huge club race, numerous autocrosses and other multi-region driving events, our first runner-up keeps its members on the road. It’s 48-page newsletter is one of the largest in PCA, and its website generates an average of 1,200 hits per day! Congratulations to our first runner up, the 1989 and 1990 Region of the Year: Upper Canada Region.

Ferry Porsche Award
2013 Region of the Year
Second Runner Up

Space Coast Region

Our Second Runner Up has become a mid-size region by more than doubling its membership numbers in less than 10 years. The Region routinely hosts over 60 events annually, spread across a variety of interests. The recent appointment of a Charity Chair has enabled the region to focus on local organizations. Its creative “calendar project” generated a $9,000 donation to a children’s cancer support group, and its total donations for 2013 averaged approximately $25 per primary member! Many of its members have “stepped up” to serve PCA on a national level, too, presently occupying elected, appointed, and Parade Chair positions. Please recognize our second runner up, also the 2010 Region of the Year: Space Coast Region.


Public Service Award

Awards are presented for first, second and third place and honorable mention. The award includes a trophy and cash award. Awards are based upon a PCA Regions charitable actions and contributions to their communities.

2014 PCA Public Service Award
First Place

Rocky Mountain Region

As part of their charitable endeavors, our 1st place region has successfully woven charitable activities into the fabric of its ongoing events. Through the leadership of their Charity Committee and Event Chairs, these activities proved successful in providing support for various charities that help enrich the lives of those in need within their community.
This region partnered with local service organizations and other sports car clubs to create a positive impact in their community. Charitable contributions are a part of event planning; their members share their enthusiasm for the charities near and dear to their hearts, and at the same time, raise funds and awareness.
2013 was a VERY successful year due to the generosity, dedication and enthusiasm of their members. Through two large ongoing charity events, fundraising associated with seven DE’s, and an annual board charity allocation, this year’s Public Service Award winner raised well over One Hundred Thousand Dollars in support of 14 charities!


2014 PCA Public Service Award
Second Place

Santa Barbara Region

Our second place-winning region has been mentioned once already this week and has produced a range of activities that impact positively a broad spectrum of its greater community.

The Region supports a year-round free grocery and clothing store that helps the underprivileged.

150 of its members were involved in multiple toy drives in December.

Its members helped organize and participated in an annual car event whose proceeds are donated to provide advocacy services to children who have become court dependent as a result of abuse and neglect.

The 2nd Place winning regions primary charity received the proceeds from four fundraising events:

1.  A charity raffle

2. A silent auction

3. Two driving tours

And as a result of these efforts, presented a check for over $6,000 to an organization that assists returning veterans obtain education, find jobs and address various physical and emotional disabilities. 



2014 PCA Public Service Award
Third Place

First Settlers Region

This region continues to stress direct community engagement and outside involvement that highlights the charitable side of PCA, while providing fun for its members. This region’s success came from strong committee leadership combined with many generous sponsors and members.

In addition to its monthly raffles and charity laps at DE events, five major Community Service events including a multi-regional Air & Auto Classic Car Show, a Fun Run to a foodbank, a Charity Raffle, and a high-visibility food drive produced the results posted by this region.

By the end of last year, local charities were delivered over $27,000 in cash donations and 6,000 pounds of food, which provided 25,000 meals to their community.


2014 PCA Public Service Award
Honorable Mention

Space Coast Region

With this region’s members residing over a stretch of coastline nearly 150 miles long, it’s difficult to get them all together on a regular basis.  They overcome that by sometimes staging events at multiple locations, such as seasonal toy and food drives held on a monthly basis. 

Other charity revenue sources include event fees on tours and occasional raffles at events.  These are held in each area and the funds are utilized to support local area charities. 

By far the largest fundraising event this region held was an online auction asking members to “bid” for the chance to be photographed with their cars by an award winning portrait-photographer. The photo would then be featured in a Region calendar.  Within a month the calendar was sold out resulting in a $9,000 donation to Candlelighters – a local charity helping families of kids with Cancer.  The event was so popular that this year the calendar was sold out in less than one week!



2014 PCA Public Service Award
Honorable Mention

Carolinas Region

This Public Service Award candidate is one of the largest regions in PCA, with over 1,700 primary members located in two states and six major metropolitan areas.
To effectively manage this vast and diverse region, eight areas administered by an area director were established. Each of these areas coordinated their own charity initiatives and funneled the funds collected to their respective communities. [What a great idea!]
The organizations that benefited from these efforts include:
The American Children’s Home
Camp Hanes YMCA
The Saint Vincent De Paul Society
Toys for Tots
Sarge’s Animal Rescue
The Blasie McNair Foundation
Wounded Warriors Foundation
The Second Harvest Food Bank
Camp Kemo
And the Corner Table Humane Society
The combined efforts from the members of this region generated $27,273 in contributions.


Bill Scholar Award

2014 Recipient: Prescott Kelly

Prescott Kelly of the Connecticut Valley Region becomes only the 13th recipient of the Bill Sholar award, the most prestigious award in PCA; our version of the hall of fame. 

Prescott joined PCA in 1971, has served on over 8 Parade committees to include organizing the legendary historic display at the 2005 Porsche Parade in Hershey where over 130 historically significant Porsche graced the field. He was also the PCA Film Archivist, then in charge of Public Relations, three times on the nominating committee, serving as chairman twice. He was appointed to the position of Executive Vice President where he completed a thorough study on the feasibility of forming a foundation.  More importantly, he led the charge to hire the Finance Manager, Denise Hovington and our Executive Director, Vu Nguyen. He later served as PCA President for 2007-2008.

As an internationally respected Porsche historian, Kelly is a noted contributor in several Porsche-themed books as well as a regular contributor to Panorama, the 356 Registry Magazine and Sports car market. In addition, he has been the ‘voice’ of Rennsport Reunion twice.

Zone Rep Award

2014 Recipient: Bud Behrens

For 2014 the Zone Representatives have chosen to honor Bud Behrens for his 39 years in PCA.

Joining in 1975 he has served several terms as the membership director and the region autocross director before becoming president. He served in two terms from 1979 until 1982. Concurrently, he served as the chief steward for the zone racing series for more than ten years. In 1987 he was appointed Zone Representative, which we all know is the best job you can have in PCA, and served two terms two terms in that position. 

Upon completion of his term as Zone Rep in 1992 he was appointed National Safety Chair and held that position until 1998.  He also helped as a newsletter contest judge in 1998/99 and has served, in his words, “for eons” on the Parade Concours Protest committee.Behrens isa an avid and skilled driver and autocrosser, and was a zone autocross instructor in the 1980’s and 90’s.  In 1999, he, along with several other PCA members, went to Chile at the invitation of that country’s Porsche Club to hold a three-day driving school.  The event was so successful   he was invited back again in the year 2000. During the time he served at the national level of PCA, our honoree continued to be active in his home region.  He was his region's newsletter editor from 1994 to 1998 and again from 2002-2005.  During his editorship, the El Portal won first place twice in the annual PCA newsletter contest, placed second three times and third twice. When he moved to Sacramento Valley region in 2006, he became editor of the Drifter and won third place in the 2007 national contest.

Until recently our honoree continued to be active in autocross, rally and concours.  He still serves as the zone clearing house for ads and information ensuring that the region newsletter editors and webmasters are kept abreast of zone activities. He has been the Zone 7 Enthusiast of the Year and is a charter member of the Zone 7 Wall of Fame and is attending his 29th Parade. His years of hard work and dedication to the club are the perfect illustration of our motto;  “It’s not the cars, it’s the people.”